We ensure a solid data-based basis - both in connection with decisions about employment and in the development of talent, leaders and senior teams.

The Genux Assessment Dashboard provides a graphical overview with a benchmark of the individual against, for example, a norm group of good performers, the industry or the company's own management model.

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The Purpose of Assessment

An assessment is a data-based characterization of the individual - with identification of personal characteristics and insights into the person's underlying motivation, values, strengths, social competences, expected performance levels and important areas of development. Through this, the individual’s match with a given – present or future – role is assessed.

Assessments of several team members are very useful for evaluating a team's values, balance, efficiency and potential.

When to use Assessments?

  • Candidate selection for specific roles and jobs
  • As a factual starting point for personal development
  • Development of leadership pipeline, including succession planning
  • Selection of candidates for talent programs
  • Team development
  • Major changes, i.e. reorganisations or strategy changes
  • M&A – Due diligence and On-boarding

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Test Systems in Assessment

We use a number of different test systems and tools, which are selected and combined according to need. Our preferred test system is the Hogan profile, and the three central test elements:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (”HPI”) – The person's day-to-day personality
  • Hogan Development Survey (“HDS”) – The person's personality under pressure
  • Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (“MVPI”) – The person's motivation
  • Raven's cognitive ability score - The person's general intelligence and ability for abstract reasoning

But in addition, Hogan contains a number of particularly value-creating additional elements that we use in Genux's assessment solutions:

Hogan's High Potential Talent ("HiPo") report benchmarks the individual against a norm group of good performers and structures data cf. Hogan's management model, which consists of three management domains with three competence areas each. The report is ideal for assessing talent and very specific areas of development in relation to career progression.

Hogan's "Judgment" report basically assesses the individual's decision-making process as well as the ability to accept feedback and coaching. The report assesses one's preferences in relation to consuming information (numerically/verbally), which strategies are used for decision-making and how one reacts to feedback and coaching. In a complex world with many generations around the table, it is increasingly necessary to be "coachable" in the broader sense.

Hogan "Configure" operationalizes Hogan's competency model consisting of 62 competencies, which are validated against personality traits that they reflect in the HPI and HDS. Here you can assess the individual against the set of skills that they reflect in good performers within nine different job families. This data can then be matched against a mapping of competencies in the company's management model and/or competencies required to act as a role model in connection with an existing or desired culture. This framework can then be used for assessment of current as well as future managers, with a view to a targeted development effort.

Genux Executive - Assessment

Assessment Dashboard

Based on qualified benchmarks and data, Genux's assessment solution measures:

  • Competences that are documented to be linked to good performance in leading roles
  • Executive presence
  • Talent and potential benchmarks
  • Team roles and likely behavior
  • Reactions, thinking and engagement with feedback – coachability
  • Industry benchmark
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Strategies used for decision making
Genux Executive - Assessment

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