Executive Outplacement

We specialise in helping terminated executives advance in their professional lives.

In a close and purposive collaboration with our candidates, we focus on creating a new positive foundation for future work life.

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We have extensive business and management experience and this knowledge is at the candidate’s disposal throughout the program.

We want to be assessed based on our ability to give managers a new start and our capability to build commitment and joy in being given new opportunities. It is not the least the idea that the end of something - with the right approach and the right mindset - can be the beginning of something even better.

We are among the leading specialists in Denmark in executive outplacement because we cultivate the personal partnership in our work. We believe that what we demand from each other throughout the program will ensure the right job for the candidate.

Hos os findes der ingen standardløsninger. Alle outplacementforløb i Genux er skræddersyet den enkelte kandidat i et tæt samarbejde med sin rådgiver.

I would like to be contacted regarding an outplacement process in Genux:

"You leave as a better leader, I think, and a transformed leader as you are more aware of your strengths and your areas of improvement, and what you need to focus on in your next mission. It's also a space for reflection where you can look back at, for my part, 25 years and see what it has led me to and how I can use it better the next place I'm going."

– Anne Marie Jess Hansen

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Genux consults companies in the process before, during, and after an organisational change or significant change in the composition of employees.

Business consulting

Genux consults companies in the process before, during, and after an organisational change or significant change in the composition of employees.

We advise companies in their desire to show responsibility towards their employees and guide both parties in the process of moving forward.

We assist companies in their communication to managers, employees and external parties in the termination process. If the communication to the concerned parties is not consistent and coordinated in relation to each other, it can have serious consequences.

In collaboration with the company, we have the competencies to develop a communication plan to ensure that no levels of the organisation are being passed over.

"Commitment comes from your strenghts, your passion and the value you create. If you combine these three things, then you'll be firing on all cylinders, and deliver 100% of what you are capable of."

– Mikkel Thøger Ib Hansen

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